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Welcome to the Peanut Legacy Farm

Our nuts are a real treasure of the earth, grown with infinite care and respect for nature. Peanut Legacy Farm is created with love and inspired by the desire to give you the opportunity to enjoy absolutely natural and incredibly tasty peanuts.

Our roots go deep into the earth and our mission is to create the highest quality peanuts that reflect our respect for nature and our commitment to your health. We take pride in every step of the growing process, from cultivar selection to gentle plant care.

Family Tradition of Quality

Our story began generations ago when our family poured their passion and energy into growing peanuts. This passion was driven by the desire to give the world a product of outstanding quality. With each new generation, we have preserved this valuable tradition, continuing to give you a real treasure of the earth.

Continuity of Ideals

We are proud to carry on the traditions of our ancestors. Attention to detail, love for the earth and the pursuit of excellence in every aspect is what makes us unique. We put a piece of our family history into every step of the growing process.

Detail Care

The whole process of growing peanuts for us is not just a job, it is our heritage. We pay close attention to every detail - from seed selection and soil care to harvest time. This allows us to create beans of outstanding quality that our family is proud of.

Continuation of the Dream

Each nut grown on our farm is a continuation of the dream of our ancestors. We strive not only to continue their work, but also to improve it, using advanced methods and knowledge. We know that every nut that comes to you carries a piece of our history and care.

Journey Invitation

Join us on this amazing journey. We open before you not only the taste of the highest quality peanuts, but also a part of our family soul. Peanut Legacy Farm is not only a product, it is our mission to continue nature's gift generation after generation.


Delicious Variety: Our Product Line

Introducing a variety of flavors and varieties of peanuts. Our products reflect a variety of tastes and preferences so that everyone can find their ideal choice.

Roasted Salted for lovers of rich taste. Their crunchy texture and light salty note make them a great snack and addition to meals.

Natural Raw Grains.
If you appreciate natural taste and nutrition, our natural raw peanuts are just for you. Raw grains are full of vitamins and minerals, perfect for snacking or adding to salads.

Covered in chocolate.
For those who love the combination of peanuts and chocolate. It's a sweet treat with crunchy peanuts on the inside and a delicate chocolate coating on the outside.

Peanut butter production

Our farm is engaged in the production of peanut butter. Production is based on a tradition of quality and care for every detail. Our peanut butter is a natural product that retains all the nutritional properties of the nut and its unique taste.

We select only mature and high-quality nuts, which provide a high quality oil.

The product is roasted to give the oil a rich aroma and taste. After roasting, they are cooled to retain their nutritional properties.

Chilled nuts are ground into a paste. This stage allows you to highlight the oil. We follow a meticulous threshing process to preserve all valuable substances.

The paste goes through a special separating procedure where the oil is separated from the hard parts. This allows you to get pure and natural peanut butter.

We are proud that our product does not contain any additives or preservatives. This is a pure natural product that brings you all the power and flavor of peanuts.

Each batch of our peanut butter undergoes strict quality control. We are confident that you will get the highest quality oil that can be used in cooking, smoothies or as an addition to dishes.

The Process of Taking Care of Each Nut: Growing Peanuts on Peanut Legacy Farm


We pay special attention to every step of the growing process. Our goal is to create the highest quality peanuts that are not only tasty but also nutritious. This is how cultivation works on our farm:

Variety Selection

We start with a careful selection of varieties based on climatic conditions, soil and other factors. This stage is the foundation for the successful cultivation and production of nuts of the highest quality.

Soil Preparation

The soil plays a key role in the growth process. We analyze the soil and apply the necessary fertilizers and agricultural techniques to ensure optimal conditions for the growth and development of plants.

Planting Seeds

The seeds are carefully planted in the ground at regular intervals. We monitor planting depth and plant spacing to ensure optimal resource allocation and yield.

Plant Care

Our agronomists and specialists take care of the plants throughout their growth. We regularly water, feed the plants, and control pests and diseases using natural methods to minimize the use of chemicals.

Flowering and Nut Formation

During the flowering period, we provide plants with optimal conditions for pollination and the formation of nuts. This stage requires careful observation and care so that each nut can fully develop.

Collection and Cleaning

When the product matures, we carefully harvest it using specialized equipment. After harvesting, the nuts go through a process of cleaning and separation from the shells.


Impeccable Quality: Our Approach to Quality Control

At Peanut Legacy Farm, we believe that every nut is a work of art and as such, we adhere to the highest standards of quality control. Our approach ensures that every batch of peanuts that reaches you is absolutely perfect in every way.

Thorough Inspection: During the quality control phase, we carefully inspect each nut. Our experienced professionals analyze the appearance, size, shape as well as general condition.

Size and Color

Each nut must meet our strict size and color standards. This ensures that you get not only tasty, but also a consistent product.

Product Condition

We pay special attention to condition. They must be intact and free from damage. This ensures that you only get the very best nuts.

Continuation of Legacy

Every step of our quality control is a continuation of our family heritage of product care. We are proud of every nut that comes into your hands and stand ready to live up to the high standard we have set for ourselves.

Peanut Legacy Farm's approach to quality control is a guarantee that the product you choose carries care, experience and commitment to excellence.

Safe and Fast Delivery to You

As soon as your order is placed, we start processing it immediately. Our team quickly picks, packs and prepares peanuts for shipment.

We pay special attention to packaging to ensure that each nut stays whole and fresh at the time of delivery. We use special materials that provide protection against external factors.

We offer a variety of shipping options to suit your preferences. You can choose the most convenient option, including standard shipping or express shipping for faster pick up.

No matter what continent you are in, we offer delivery right to your doorstep. We partner with trusted shipping companies to ensure that delivery is as reliable and fast as possible.



I am impressed! The taste is incredible, the nuts are so fresh and natural. This is exactly what I was looking for for my healthy snacks.


Great job Peanut Legacy Farm! It is very important to know that the products you eat are grown with respect for nature. My choice is only here!


After trying nuts from this farm, other peanut products seem empty in comparison. Very high quality and tasty production, I recommend!

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